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C'era una volta il West (1968)

A list of the main characters from C'era una volta il West. You can write a short Description of your favourite Characters or upload some cool Stills.

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  • Frank

    A ruthless hired gun, working for Morton.

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  • Jill McBain

    The widow of Brett McCain, and heiress of Sweetwater,

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  • Cheyenne

    A bandit who was framed for McBain´s murder, but has a strong feeling for ethics.

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  • Harmonica

    A mysterious gunman, who is after revenge on Frank for an unknown reason.

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  • Morton

    A railrood tycoon who hired Frank to get rid of McBain, so he can take over Sweetwater.

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  • Snaky

    One of Frank's gunmen.

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