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Bronson (2008)

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  • Written by elPandator on 02.05.2018

    An excellent film by Nicolas Winding Refn with Tom Hardy.

    The life of Michael Gordon Peterson, or as he has called himself "Charles Bronson", in a mix of one man show, scenes of flashback with incredible framing, and a totally immersive music.

    Tom Hardy is high, very high in his performance.
    He plays an odious and scary character but he manages to make him stay human, with all the complexity of it.

    Violence is ubiquitous in the film, both physical and psychic, but the viewer's anxiety decreases with the choice of pictures, music and spikes of (very) dark humor.

    It is a social fresco, between violence and madness, an exploration of the human in its darkest sides. It can be disturbing but it comes to question the viewer on the violence that resides in each of us.

    The fascination and the immersion come to seize the spectator very quickly and never leave it.
    A real feat when you tell the biopic of an ultra violent sociopath ...

    A must see if you are able to support the vision of human chaos.

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