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Avatar (2009)

A list of the main characters from Avatar. You can write a short Description of your favourite Characters or upload some cool Stills.

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  • Jake Sully

    Sully is a disabled former Marine. He becomes part of the Avatar Program after his twin...

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  • Neytiri

    The daughter of the leader of the Omaticaya, the Na'vi clan central to the story.

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  • Col. Quaritch

    Quaritch is the head of the mining operation's security detail.

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  • Dr. Grace Augustine

    Augustine is an exobiologist and head of the Avatar Program.

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  • Trudy Chacon

    Chacón is a combat pilot assigned to support the Avatar Program who is sympathetic to t...

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  • Norm Spellman

    Spellman is a xenoanthropologist who studies plant and animal life as part of the Avata...

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