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bius´s Favourite Characters

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  • Miho

    A mute female assassin of Japanese descent. Along with Gail, she serves as an enforcer and…

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  • Gail

    She is a prostitute, dominatrix and one of the authority figures of Old Town, also functio…

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  • Goldie/Wendy

    Twin prostitutes who are in charge of Old Town. They're identical twins, which sometimes c…

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  • Dwight

    A PI who has connections to the girls of Old Town. He has a shady past, wanting him to avo…

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  • Nancy Callahan

    An exotic dancer working at Kadie's Bar. She is depicted as a sensitive, caring woman who …

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  • Hartigan

    A veteran police officer, who has not fallen to corruption. He is a strong man, but a chro…

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