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Article about WTM

WHAT THE MOVIE is a extremly addictive website, which allows you to challenge your movie knowledge on the basis of movie screenshots. All you have to do is entering the right movie title to a picture. Thereby, you can collect points, which allow you to climb the highscore ladder. This ladder or list is certainly dominated by freaks, who make me look small.

However, other ways to gain honour and glory exist. First of all, there are the so-called WTM bucks, which can be earned by rating screenshots and writing film reviews. There is no highscore list for bucks, but you can get a promotion. With this promotion, additional privileges can be achieved. Another possibility - the actual fun begins here - is to Upload screenshots. Only a few rules exist: No duplicates, no bad quality, no porn, actually everything which does not belong to a public website. Each Upload is first released in the „New Submissions“ section. Mainly the collectors of bucks are challenged here, due to according to the rating and the deletion comments (if the rules are breached) the decision is made if a screenshot reaches the „Feature Films“ section, the holy halls of WTM.

Each registered User can look into the New Submissions (with at least 50 solves), also everybody can begin to solve the screenshot, but will not earn points. These points will only be credited, if the screenshot comes into the Feature Films. If not, than not. You have to accept that, if you want to be in a leading position. Anyway, this section is always exciting for Uploaders.

After 30 days in the Feature Films, time has come for every screenshot to move into the Archive and simultaneously activate its’ solution button. Now, the madness is quasi over and it is time to smack yourself on the forehead because you did not recognize this or that scene out of your favourite movie. There are generally no points for solving screenshots in the Archive, even if you have done that without help. This has become a hot topic while the launching in the beta phase, but nowadays nobody seems to feel disturbed by that.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to bookmark or favour shots. In addition, it would be helpful to receive a notice, if somebody comments on your shots or on your profile. At the moment, you have to check this manually. But I think all this is already on the to do list, because the creators read (and post) in the forum and take each proposal serious, respectively have implement several.

The so-called „Memorabilia“ are also very nice. For milestones and miscellaneous other specifics, a memory in the shape of film souvenirs will be placed in everybody’s profile. These souvenirs were designed by the pixel artist Martin Wörister and are really worth seeing. All WTM supporters (you can become a supporter by paying 12 Euros for one year) receive the golden thing left below. Of course, such a project can not finance itself. As a supporter, there are no direct advantages (yet). They say that WTM does not want to become commercial and nobody shall be penalized. Very honourable, as I think. Soon, a new Feature, which gives you a certain amount of tokens (every month?) shall be implemented. These tokens can be used to „save“ screenshots. This idea is based on a current problem of WTM. The issue is, that Screenshots of rather unknown movies are often rewarded with less stars and become rarer in the Feature Films, due to many users apparently do not recognize the so to speak real beauty. In order to give small movies a chance, this system shall be implemented. WTM supporters receive 3 tokens in the first place and „casual“ users have to earn them through WTM bucks. I like that. Supporters have an advantage with this procedure while others are also able to take part, but have to work to get the privilege. Fair thing.

I would like to add, that the WTM community is really cool. Conflicts are rare and both in the forum as well as in the comment section of the specific shots, it is very funny though also cultivated. Of course, there are hot discussions here and there. And this is good. Nobody needs to feel that he is excluded. Sex, origin and age are completely irrelevant. By the way, the community chats in English, only frequently the own language is used in the profiles among each other. Recently, we have started a small contest in the forum. A topic („shadow“) was given and each participant had to upload shots, which refer to the topic. There were no rewards, but we had a lot of fun and further contests will certainly follow. As I have a great Ego, I would like to mention that this was my idea and that I was also responsible for the „organization“. However, I did not win and we all voted for the topic. With some help form the admins, each participating shot reached a spot in the Feature Films, independently from the rating. I give credits to the admins for that.

So, everybody who likes watching movies and wants to test his film knowledge is definitely right at WHAT THE MOVIE. By the way, my name is Deviant and I would be glad for friendship requests of blog readers!

German text by Deviant
Translation by DrDoetz