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Behind the Curtain

Very well, you clicked the About Link. You want the backstage tour, the whole thing. The idea to make a film quiz, based on guessing Snapshots dates back quite some time, probably some years. With every new idea involving a lot of initial work, it got posponed ;)

We rediscovered the idea in the Summer of 2008 and after more or less one weekend of conceptual work, layout and programming, we launched WTM 1.0 in August. We were quite suprised by the attention people devoted to our site (within a week, we were featured on and as well as many, many blogs and forums). This initial success fueled our tanks and we continued to improve Site Performance and added additional Features.

By early 2009 we realised that in order to adress a wider audience and give the Platform additional Space to grow, we had to move on. We had to leave behind the bulky design and the underlying framework (you served us well CakePHP, but we'll stick to Ruby on Rails from now on). Based on a complete redesign we began working on WTM 2.0 by January 2009. It took us almost half a year to implement and realize all of the intended Features and by June 2009, WTM 2.0 went live.

The second major Makeover took place on the first of January 2010, introducing yet new Features like the completely reshaped Movie Pages, new Character Sites and the personal Media Shelf.


Random Facts

  • Ingredients used for one Weekend of Developing
  • WTM is the result of Labour of Love for Movies
  • We usually launch new Features without prior testing, sorry for that. This is the ultimate Excuse and we will always refer to this Site

The Active Staff

Our uttermost Respect goes out to these Fellows, who help us to keep the Show Running.

Old Contributors

Our former staff, we are really grateful for all they did for us.