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  • Written by Fasojko on 01.11.2016

    I'm rating it 7 just because it was fun to watch the movie for the first hour or so. Otherwise I'd go for 5-6.

    This is my humble opinion only, as it over and over again proves my theory about the movies nowadays... The film industry today depends on remakes, prequels and sequels, comic adaptations and mindless creations made to make money, depending on marketing and special effects.

    The new Star Wars is unfortunately the part of that.

    It looks great, special effects and atmosphere are great. Specially atmosphere, gives you a real Star Wars feeling.

    On the other hand story is not that bad, but something chewed up hundreds of times before and predictable. Acting is OK, but OK only. Casting...oh my...Kylo Ren? I don't have anything against anyone, but Adam Driver would better suit Harry Potter movie with his appearance.

    Way how the characters are elaborated is not on a level that class such as Star Wars should have. Kylo Ren again? I mean Sith Lord who will have a nervous breakdown and destroy half of the room just because something went wrong? He should be calm and cool no matter what if you ask me. Sacrificing his "sith" just to make someone laugh?

    The #1 bad guy is named Snoke? Maybe Harry Potter movie set runaway again?

    And I just can't believe that episode 1 and 2 have 6.something rating while this has almost 9?? Marketing...

    But again, if you are looking for fun packed with special effects and bunch of action... this will indeed be a good pick to spend an evening with!

  • creepy — for Insidious
    Written by Fasojko on 31.10.2016

    I just ended watching this movie, and I would split it in two parts.

    1. From the beginning of the movie to last 20 minutes or so. Awesome, bone chilling, creepy, tense, unexpected, bone chilling again, amazing! Acting is great, music fits perfectly and reminds on old school horror and thriller movies (why there aren't more movies that use violin to create scary atmosphere?!). In one word little masterpiece filmed with rather small budged (congratulations Mr. Wan and crew!). In this part of the movie I decided to write the review, just to prolong the time to go to sleep.

    2. Last 20 minutes or so... In here all went down the drain, atmosphere and tensions that were so carefully built were ruined, or at least I felt like that. There are too much scenes and happenings which are unnecessary, and scary factor went away. But never mind, first part compensated it all.

    Seems that I don't need to prolong my sleeping time after all... Good night and enjoy one great and scary movie after all!

  • Written by Fasojko on 27.10.2016

    I am really wondering why is this movie rated so poorly. Yes, it isn't a movie which would be a surprise and something new. Season of the witch is a movie that will be just perfect for anyone who wants to fill his/her Saturday afternoon in warm couch with beer/hot tea and snacks.

    Atmosphere of the movie is really nice, I liked the factor of paranoia which slowly gets into minds of main characters. Movie tempo unwraps in best possible way, not too slow and not too fast, and it will keep you in the center of action and happenings all of the time. Pure fun in my opinion! Characters aren't elaborated to some detail levels, but just enough for you to like and know them. Music in the movie, I don't know was it something wrong with me, but now when I try to remember the music - I just can't! Was it because the music wasn't there, or it was really bad, or I was in a weird mood? Don't know!

    All in all a good movie with good tempo and plenty of fun, I would recommend it. Oh yes, and it has a cool little twist at the end, a bit naive and without much sense maybe, but I loved it since I didn't expect it.

  • Written by Fasojko on 25.10.2016

    New Godzilla, with a flashy trailer, awesome music playing, WOW I thought!

    So I went to cinema and left it disappointed...

    Why? Well, for who knows which time I have proved myself that so many movies nowadays are: a.) filmed only for profit b.) because of point a. - they rely only on special effects c.) no story whatsoever
    Same thing with the fact that we are flooded by sequels and comic adaptations which sucks big time.

    The movie had so much mistakes and situations that are all but logical...

    Oh yeah, did I mention Godzilla from 1998 looks waaaay better than 2014 version?

  • Written by Fasojko on 24.10.2016


    well, what to say, I even don't know why I gave it 4 since it deserves more of a 3.

    Fincher is a good and well respected director, that's for sure, but I don't think he needed this.

    I'll try to be as brief as possible in this review, so here it goes: - horrible acting, and I do mean horrible - moronic excuse for dialogs - poor soundtrack - story without much sense and logic in it, or maybe better without it

    I managed to fall asleep in the cinema, the movie looked like a bunch of scenes random scenes stitched together with a glue, filmed only to fill the runtime of the movie. The whole story could be fitted into 45 minutes if you ask me.

    At the end, I really can't understand why did this movie got so much praises, is it just because it was made by Fincher?

    advice: if you skip this movie, you won't make a mistake.

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